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An NPO dedicated to helping individuals with developmental disorders find employment in the Greater Toronto Area.

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"Businesses that embrace disability inclusion have found there is a positive correlation between their profitability, employee morale and engagement. These businesses report lower turnover, better safety records, innovation and higher productivity among their employees with disabilities. For customer-facing companies, there is the side benefit of customer loyalty from America’s largest minority group, numbering 56.7 million Americans."

– Shawna Berger

About Us

We are Viability – a small not-for-profit organization that hopes to revolutionize how the world sees developmental disabilities and the hiring process. Less than half of Canadian adults with disabilities have jobs – with the estimated rate being even lower for individuals with developmental disabilities. Why is this so disproportionate? A lot of it comes down to stigma and perceptions, like the notion that individuals with disabilities lack skills or it takes a lot to get these individuals accommodated. However, stereotypes are not reality – in fact, far from it. United States National employment studies, including a 30-year analysis by DuPont de Nemours, reveal that persons with disabilities have equal or higher performance ratings, better retention rates and less absenteeism than their non-disabled coworkers. One study found that after a year of employment, the retention rate of persons with disabilities is 85%, effectively cutting the high cost of staff turnover. Additionally, a 2003 survey of employers found that the cost of adaptation to accommodate employees with disabilities was $500 or less, with 73% of employers reporting that their employees did not require special facilities at all.

Well we don’t expect you to just believe us – we want to show you with our simple yet innovative process. That’s why instead of the traditional resume and interview, our process is similar to an informal interview followed by an unpaid shift to test a candidates compatibility. This process not only helps facilitate a smooth transition into the workforce but also allows employers to see firsthand the skills and competencies of our participants, that the traditional resume or interview process too often fails to capture.

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